Pat CashmanPat Cashman was born and grew up in Bend, Oregon – a town so-named because it is located at a ‘bend’ in the Deschutes River.  Bend is located in Dogleg County, not far from the nearby towns of Curve and Ellipse, Oregon.”

Over the years, Pat has done creative work for televison, radio, print, cartoons and video games – in addition to being on-air talent and writer for the multi Emmy award-winnning “Almost Live” sketch comedy show that ran for 15 seasons on KING TV in Seattle – and also aired two seasons on Comedy Central and in other syndication runs.

Pat has a wide repertoire of voices – none of them his own – that he brought to his work as a radio personality on several stations in Seattle – more than once being honored in newspaper and TV polls as “Favorite Radio Personality”.
By ‘more than once’ we mean ‘twice.’

He serves as keynote speaker, auctioneer and emcee for scores of corporate gatherings, awards banquets auctions and charity fundraisers – both locally, and nationally. In his spare time spends his time searching for a tear in the fabric of time. To that end he always carries a needle and thread.